A dungeon that my friend Tamora and I made for the One Page Dungeon Contest, where we made it into the winner’s circle and won a PDF of Blades in the Dark. Which feels like a pretty big accomplishment for our first time making a thing together. Contributions broke down somewhat like this: I did illustration and came up with some ideas about how baby dragons are made, Tamora whispered “vore. Vore! VORE!” in my ear, and also reminded me that artists often choose a color palette to unify their work. All the rest of the stuff was the product of what Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett referred to as “mutual shouting.”

This is free to play, distribute and modify in not for profit ways. If you’re gonna make money off of it, contact me and offer me some money before you do that. If you play it and you want to let me know if you like it, contact me, because I’m excited to hear about it. Click below to grab the PDF.


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